About Me

Mission Statement

When I graduated from high school in 1968 I immediately began a four-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman machinist in New York State. Two of the lessons I learned during that apprenticeship, more than fifty years ago, still guide my work today. First, I learned the importance of maintaining tight tolerances, and, second, I learned to strive for the very highest quality in all the work I do. To this day, whether milling steel or cutting wood, I understand the importance of perfect fit as the foundation for quality work. I likewise continue to do the best work I am capable of- no matter whether the project is large or small and I keep in mind the wants and needs of the customer. Making my customer happy with the best possible finished product is of the utmost importance to me.

Many customers come to me with an idea or vision of what they want and then rely on me to turn that vision into reality. Whether it is the transformation of a wrecked parts gun into a cherished jewel or an addition to your surroundings that enriches your home experience, I welcome a discussion about what you have in mind.

My Web Site of German Hunting Guns

In addition to my shop work I also maintain the web site www.germanhuntingguns.com which was started by my good friend Mr. Dietrich Apel. Shortly before his passing I took over the reins of the sites' care and have, with the help of many others, expanded it into a leading source of information about the many fine sporting long guns made in the German-speaking countries.

My Two Books: The J├Ąger Gun Makers on Both Sides of the Atlantic and Development of the American Double Gun

I have written and published two ebooks which are currently available for purchase in PDF format on CD's. Click Here to learn more about them, read reviews of them, and purchase them.

Footnote: I have reached a stage in life where many guys are found in retirement on the Golf Course rather than at work. I still work every day at something and when work comes in I give it my full attention. This web site is a vehicle for me to tell part of my life's work story to those who may find it interesting. I have never shied away from taking on a new and challenging project, no matter whether it was large or small. Now I find that to be in my past, I can no longer take on the BIG projects that require much physical labor.

My images of some of my past projects and the page of Newspaper articles about me will be put out there for enjoyment and enlightenment. Please accept it as such and not as a guy bragging about himself.