Dan Lefever & Associates

By Larry B. Schuknecht

The following images were collected by Swinney for his archives and I have very few details about the guns. If the viewer has any information please contact me.

The first three images are of a Lefever & Ellis rifle, a light Target rifle, .34 caliber with a 28 3/4 inch barrel.

The following two images are of a Lefever & Ellis Mule Ear combination Rifle/Buck & Ball gun in .32 and .49 caliber. with 28 1/2 inch barrels.

The following image was sent to Swinney by Leo Cook of Gainsville, N.Y. who at the time owned the Barber & Lefever Single Shot Breech Loading Rifle serial no. 282.

The following under hammer heavy target rifle was made by Lefever after his move to Syracuse, N.Y.