Dutchman Woodworks

I specialize in work on:

  • Double Barrel Side by Side Shotguns
  • Single Shot Rifles
  • Muzzle-loading Guns
  • Restoration of all American, English & German Antique Firearms

This is a LeFever "C" grade that I restocked

I offer custom stock making, using your wood or my black or english walnut sawn
on my circular sawmill and dried in my solar kiln to 6% moisture content.
My blanks are quarter-sawn to get the best grain orientation and show the most character.

My custom checkering can include carved borders and I can duplicate original patterns on high grade guns. I can stain and finish a stock to match existing wood such as a fore-end. Replacing ebony or horn fore-end tips is one job we often have to do.

The fabrication of missing or broken parts is also something I often do.
Welded parts are almost impossible to detect when properly done.

I can engrave a complete receiver
or touch up the work on a repaired part.

Let me repair your small part or build
a complete gun to your specifications.

Baker single trigger unit.
Converts side lock Baker shotguns with double triggers to single trigger.
Cost installed - $600.00

This is a small Martini action that I engraved in the Suhl,Germany style with deep relief.

This is an early Parker which had a piece of the stock missing
above the lockplate for half of the lockplate length, which was replaced.

Custom sterling silver and ebony pistol grip cap
engraving with the crest of the customers family.

*The rifle on the home page is a 45-70 Sharps Mod.
1875 that I built from scratch. Purchasing only a barrel, blank, hammer,
trigger, lever and sights. It has a rebounding lock and English Walnut stocks.


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