Milling a new fore-end iron for a Mod. 1909 Baker shotgun with ejectors

My metal working experience includes a 4 year apprenticeship, after which I was certified by the State of New York as a Journeyman Machinist.
Since the apprenticeship, I have been working 10+ more years in the trade.

I can turn, mill, saw, drill, forge any items out of iron, steel, brass, copper or aluminum. I have a blacksmith shop for ornamental ironwork. I also do pewterwork such as installing pewter lids on German beer steins, pendants and jewelry. I also have a close working relationship with the best Tig welder in Western NY.

Ejector kickers, kicker rods, springs (both coil and flat) and guide block
for a Mod. 1909 Baker double barrel shotgun

Custom sterling silver and ebony pistol grip cap engraving with the crest of the customers family.

Some past metalworking projects
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