N. Y. State Island Patch Box Styles

By Larry B. Schuknecht

This page is a study of the many different Island Patch Box styles used by the New York State gunmakers. Most of the information is gleaned from the 5 Vol. set of books The New York State Firearms Trade by H. J. Swinney and compiled by Tom Rowe along with other random sources.

If more than one maker used a design, all of the makers known to have used it will be listed following the image. Some of the present images were pulled from larger ones and are of poor quality, as better images become available they will be replaced.

While some makers crafted their own patch boxes, others bought them from suppliers such as Remington along with other furniture such as trigger guards and butt plates. Below are two images of a Brass sample made by Remington and a newly made German Silver replication.

Category 1- Side Hinged

Category 2- Animal Figural

No. 2-1- L. Devendorf, Lefever & Ellis

No. 2-2- J. Caswell, Benj. Amsden, J. L. Steele

No. 2-3- Benj. Amsden, D. Lefever, M. J. Whitmore

Below is an image of a stunning Patch Box from a rifle made by Blunt & Syms of New York City. It has features of both of categories 1 and 2. It is an image that the author-Mr. James Whisker sent to Jerry Swinney many years ago for his archive and book.

Catagory 3- Plain Island Boxes

No. 3-2- Ashabel Cook, Joseph Culver, Ebenezer Dewey, John D. Griswold, Nelson Lewis, Malcolm & Sweet, Abram Monfort, Jehiel Ogden, H. V. Perry, James Robson, Patrick Smith, Henry Stevens, J. R. Sutton, R. R. Thurston, B. C. Wood

No. 3-3- C. Baker, Amos Davis, Rufus J. Howland, Nelson Lewis

No. 3-4- Note- One of the most popular of all of the many Island Patchbox designs. Corydon Bates, Amos Davis,William Dixon, James Goodel, L. L. Hepburn, Morgan James, Lefever & Ellis, Nelson Lewis, Earl Loomis, R. R. Moore, W. & C. Ogden, H. V. Perry, J. H. Rector, E. Remington & Sons (perhaps the maker & supplier), Myron Moses, w. Roberts, James Robson, Daniel Seeley, Fred Smith, Henry Stevens, Charles Stuart, Joseph Tooker, Peter Wagoner, Milton Young.

No. 3-5- E. W. Cook, S. Vosburgh, Nelson Lewis, W. K. Darling, H. W. Eldridge, Rufus J. Howland, Lefever & Ellis, William Malcolm, H. V. Perry, John W. Smith, Patrick Smith, Amos P. Smith

no. 3-8- F. A. Bickford, John H. Green, Nelson Lewis

No. 3-12- M. Buswell, Nelson Lewis

No. 3-15- W. H.Baker, Henry Klinger

No. 3-18- William Dixon, Rufus J. Howland, H. V. Perry, Rector & Robson, James Robson, John Wheeler

No. 3-19- J. A. Ellis, Gilbert & Bales, L. L. Hepburn, Calvin Taylor, B. C. Wood

No. 3-23- J. B. Lull, W. & C. Ogden, Abijah C. Stevens, Frank Weiss

No. 3-26- Horace Fox, Nelson Lewis, E. Remington & Sons (perhaps the maker and supplier), J. W. Smith, Joel B. Tubbs

No. 3-29- William N. Howe, Earl Loomis, R. R. Moore, H. V. Perry, Patrick Smith