Rifle Restorations

The following five images show a over-under percussion combination gun made by Theodore Deschner of Ithaca, N.Y. in 1866 , gun no. 58 which I rebuilt in 2010. I say rebuilt and not restored because I started with nothing to restore, just a set of barrels with breech plugs. I had a nice pair of back action locks from a mid grade English double and a Auction Catalog image of another Deschner combination gun to guide me. I used a nice piece of Cherry for the stock which I feel compliments the brass furniture.

A Winchester model 1876 restocked, checkered and ready for finish, the action partially polished to prepare for case coloring.
The finished 1876 Winchester rifle
A rare model 37 Mauser 22 rim fire Olympic competition rifle restocked to the specifications of an original factory blue print.
A J. P. Sauer & Sohn rifle with a short 98 Mauser small ring action, half octagon barrel with an intregal milled rib, stocked in English Walnut duplicating another original J.P. Sauer that a customer loaned me. The pictures were taken by Dave Sizemore who operates Sugerloaf Smoothbores in Morehead, Kentucky.
A rare Winchester model 1876 in 50-95 Express, restored to the factory letter with many custom features and the finish toned back to a 50% state.