Shotgun Restorations

An A. H. Fox "A" grade restoked in Claro walnut
A checkered butt with horn heel and toe plates.
A high grade J. P. Sauer & Sohn side by side restocked with a checkering and carving pattern drawn out.
The Sauer stock with the checkering completed.
The finished Sauer shotgun.
A custom horn butt late made for the J. P. Sauer shotgun.
A early A. H. Fox which was completely restored with the engraving recut, re case colored, the barrel was rust blued, the triggers were gold plated and it was restocked.
A slim Cogswell & Harrison side by side ready for stain and finish.
A 16 ga. side by side with no makers name, made in Belgium and also proofed in Germany, it came to me as a set of barrels and a bare receiver with the complete fore end. A set of old NOS locks were acquired from Greener's and engraved in an Oak leaf pattern, and stocked in English Walnut with a medium reddish brown stain.
A custom made horn pistol grip cap and heel and toe plates.

Following are images of the process of heading up and the finished stock for a nice "C" grade Lefever.