Dutchman Woodworks

I am proud to offer these reproductions of historic posters which reflect a time in our nation's history when firearm
ownership was not frowned upon and their use for self defense and sporting purposes were recognized by everyone.

The Winchester and the Alford, Ward, Davenport & Co. posters are reproduced in full size.
The Meffert poster was originally an 8 1/2 x 11 inch image, but has been enlarged to
18 x 24 to better show off the detail of the wonderful work of art.


The Parker Bros. advertising appeared in the Dec. 5, 1903 issue of Forest & Stream magazine and the image has been enlarged to 18 x 24 inches. It combines stunning graphics with a price list and interesting text.


This Winchester poster shows their line of ammunition, an early style loading tool, an 1876 model rifle
and a Hotchkiss repeating rifle. It is dated February 1881 and measures 24 x 36 inches.


The Meffert poster is printed on quality photo paper and measures 18 x 24 inches. This shotgun was made by Imman Meffert in Suhl, Germany. The engraving and decoration was designed and executed by the famous artist Hugo Kolb (1854-1934) also of Suhl. This illustration was originally in the Journal of the Bavarian Association of Applied Arts, Munich in 1887. This print is one of a limited number of 30 pieces.



The Alford, Ward, Davenport & Co. poster shows 21 full size revolvers, the Sterling single barrel shotgun,
single and double barrel muzzle loading shotguns, the Davis breech loading shotgun,
the Remington-Whitmore Double barrel shotgun and combination gun, the Remington rolling block shotgun,
the Hurricane Air Rifle and Quackenbush air guns. It is dated 1882 and measures 24 x 36 inches.

Each poster costs $35 plus $8 shipping and handling. Multiple orders add $2 shipping and handling for each additional poster. NY State residents, please add $3.76 sales tax per poster. All orders will be mailed rolled up in a cardboard tube.

Order by sending a check or money order to:

Larry B. Schuknecht
7750 Salt Rd.
Clarence Center, NY 14032