St. Hubertus stag head forend
This is a Schutzen rifle with I am building from a H. Pieper barrel and receiver that had been in a fire. The .32 rim fire barrel was sleeved to a .22 LR rim fire. I engraved the receiver with German scroll and vine. The stock wood is Black Walnut, the forend carved with the stags head and inlayed silver cross which is the symbol of St. Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. Now it is ready to be fitted with double set triggers, and I will carve an Auhrhahn and a hunting scene on the butt stock. Then I need to polish and engrave the lever and butt plate before it gets case colored. For another view of the receiver engraving, go to the Gunsmithing page
Receiver and stock
A "J.P. Sauer & Sohn" 8mm sporting rifle with a "Mauser" mod.98 action, "Krupp" half round=half octagon barrel with intregral solid rib, set triggers and a lever release floor plate. It is being restocked with English Walnut in the German traditional sporting style with cheekpiece, side panels and fine Schnabel fore-end. The stock is mounted with a handmade horn buttplate and pistol grip cap. It is checkered, stained and finished with a true oil finish as the lower rifle is. The bottom rifle pictured is an all original "J.P. Saur & Sohn" carbine with a "Mauser" mod.95 action. It is on loan as a pattern to follow in doing the restoration work on the upper rifle.
Parker Bros.

This Parker Bros. shotgun was made in 1907 and originally was fitted with a skeleton butt plate. At sometime, the skeleton butt plate was removed, the stock shortened, and a recoil pad installed. The present owner wanted a skeleton butt plate reinstalled.

First I added a block of french walnut end grain wood as infill, and to add some length of pull. Then an original parker butt plate was fitted to the stock, engraved, and given a charcoal bluing finish. The wood infill was checkered as the original was, and finished with two coats of birch wood casey "Tru-Oil" finish.


Finished Works header


006 CR

A custom stock made for a Remington bolt action rifle. It has a horn butt plate and horn inserts on the pistol grip and fore end tip



This is the drawing for the engraving detail on the magazine floor plate and trigger guard on the custom Remington stock


floor plate

The finished trigger guard and magazine floor plate I engraved for the custom Remington rifle


cr cropped

A view of the custom Remington stock showing the "Cordwainer" checkering pattern, horn grip insert and engraved floor plate.


left 2 cr

A European four barrel muzzle loading shotgun which I restocked. The Dragon carving and rosette
behind the cheek piece was a duplication of the original. All of the carving was done by hand.



This is a Browning Single Shot rifle I refinished with a checkered horn butt plate. I recut the checkering, refinished the stocks and engraved the action panels.


Al & Larry

The gentleman on the left is proudly holding his Otto Bock double barrel rifle which is chambered for the 25-35 Winchester cartridge.
He brought the rifle with no forend or scope and mounts. I made the complete forend including the Iron and Latch.
Also, I mounted the German scope using Rechnagel blocks fitted to the original claw mount bases.
The butt stock was refinished and the European flat top checkering cleaned and recut.