Murdoch Morrison Rifle

6/11/2021- A rifle made in North Carolina by Murdoch Morrison in the mid 19th Century that went through a fire. A one of a kind rifle that is a family heirloom owned by the Great Grandson of the maker. It will be restocked & restored with Curly Birdseye maple to the original configuration.

The following article appeared in a book about Confederate firearms. The text is not completely accurate but the article is important as a chronicle of what the features of the rifle were and gives me a benchmark from which to get the important dimensions and styling.

(7/28/2021) The Birds-Eye Curly Maple stock with the white wood pur'fling is finished and now I'm ready to start on the metal work.

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(8/25/2021) The rifle is finished with a Plum Brown finish on the metal parts. Special features of the rifle are the engraving which appears to show Lilly of the Valley flowers, white wood pur'fling and brass bands inlaid into the ramrod ferrules and ramrod entry pipe.