The Rochester, N. Y. makers-Medbery & Millers

By Larry B. Schuknecht

The following images were sent to Jerry Swinney for his archives by the Bourne Auction Gallery and were taken by Hugo Poisson.

The first two images are of a side hammer full stock Medbery Pill Lock rifle. No details are presently known.

The Following Image shows five rifles sold by the Bourne Auction Gallery on May 14-15, 1985 and it was taken by Hugo Poisson. They were lots no. (from the top) 751- William Billingurst, Rochester, Mule Ear over-under, 752- Joseph Medbery, Rochester, side hammer pill lock full stock rifle, 753- William Billinghurst, Rochester, percussion fowler, 754- J. Miller, Rochester, half stock hunting rifle , 755- I. Marsh, Binghamton, N.Y.- .52 caliber full stock with Gilbert Patent Mule Ear lock, 30 1/2 inch barrel.

The following two images are three more rifles sold by Bourne on May 14-15, 1985. They were made by John & James Miller of Rochester, N. Y. The bottom rifle was made using a lock and barrel from a revolving rifle.