Flintlock Rifles

A .45 caliber custom Flintlock Long Rifle built for a retiring NY State Trooper. The Inlays have special significance to him.
The German Silver bear inlay on the cheek piece represents strength
The German Silver Owl inlay represents Wisdom
The German Silver Raven Patch Box. North western native tribes believe that the Raven was the creator of the World. In this patch box the Raven has the Sun (the copper disc) and the Moon (the Abalone crescent) suspended by Silver wire from his beak. Around the patch box are silver pins representing the star constellations under which he and his wife were born.

Below- a Custom Full Stock 45 cal. Long Rifle For Sale- $3,000.

Weighs 10 pounds, 5 ounces, 59 1/4 inch overall length with a 42 inch barrel, 7/8inch across the flats.