New York State Firearms-Bit’s & Pieces

By Larry B. Schuknecht

This category consists of images of New York State made long guns from many different makers and from several different sources. They are images that were not used in the 5 Volume set of books- The New York State Firearms Trade by H. J. Swinney and compiled by Tom Rowe.

The first title under this category contains the guns from the M. S. Risley and H. J. (Jerry) Swinney collections which were sold by the Richard Bourne Auction Co. on May 14, 1980. The images were supplied as 8 x 10 glossy photographs of the guns to Jerry Swinney for his record which were later passed along to Dr. Russ Gilmore and eventually made their way to me. They include guns by Morgan James, George H. Ferris, Nelson Lewis and William Billinghurst just to name a few. Click Here to go to the Risley-Swinney Collection page.

The next page (page 1) contains images of long guns made by Wyllys Avery-Salisbury, N. Y. and Amasa Belknap-Cherry Valley, N. Y. which were in the collection of Willis (skip) Barshied and were photographed by Clarke Blair of Fonda, N.Y. They were sent by Skip Barshied to Russ Gilmore and have since found their way to me. The second group of images on this page show William Billinghurst-Rochester guns. They include a Billinghurst rifle owned and photographed by Jerry Swinney and three Billinghurst guns owned by Walter F. Grote and sent to Mr. Edward L. Eich. Click Here to go to that page.

The page titled Dan Lefever & Associates contains black & white images collected by Swinney for his archives. Clock Here to view that page.

As in the above page, the page titled Morgan James & George H. Ferriss-Utica, N.Y. Gun makers contains black & white images from Swinney's archives plus brief biographies of both makers and images from recent Auctions. Click Here to view that page.

The page titled The Rochester, N. Y. makers-Medbery & Miller contains black & white images sent to Swinney for his archives. Click Here to view that page.