Past Projects

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A custom Surrey built by me in the 1980's

1923 Model T Ford Truck


Customized Guns

Flintlock Rifles

My model 1875 Sharps Rifle

Percussion Rifles

Reproduction Gun Parts

Rifle Restorations

Shotgun Restorations


Horse Drawn Vehicles

Signs, Clocks & Misc.

Stair Work

A Bronson pony wagon custom made for the Mahr family in Middleport, NY in the late 1980's
My son Adam with a Cannon rebuilt for the village of Akron, NY and presently on display in Russell Park
A 1/3 size children's wagon produced in the late 1980's with the help of Mr. Dave Fix
A 1/3 size Children's Bob Sled.
A hope chest with a Red Oak frame work, Cherry panels, white Box Elder Sun on the lid, Flower is cream & pink Box Elder with green Sumac stem & leaves
The "Sun Rise" Hope Chest made of Red Oak, Cherry and white Box Elder
The "Flower" Hope Chest made of Red Oak, Cherry, Sumac and Pink & Cream Box Elder
The 1914 Model T Ford Speedster "Penny" on the left and a 1/3 size Franklin "Baby Franklin". Both were built from parts.
An Antler gun rack for seven guns in the old German style