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The Jäger Gun Makers

On both sides of the Atlantic

Compiled by Larry B. Schuknecht

A CD in PDF format. It consists of 29 chapters with roughly 685 pages and over 900 images. It includes three files of raw archival material on Franz Jäger, Kurt Jäger and Dietrich Apel, the family trees of the Jäger and Kersten ancestors, biographies of Gustav & Curt Kersten, Franz, Reinhold, Paul, Karl, Kurt, Erich Jäger, Paul Jaeger and Dietrich Apel. The stories of Kurt and Dietrich are in their own words and the Franz Jäger biography was written by his son Kurt. Also the Willig family of engravers and some random notes on the Wiesbaden Rod & Gun Club guns. Three full catalogs of Franz Jäger, two price lists of Kurt Jäger and four full catalogs of Paul Jaeger's plus several of his lesser brochures. It is divided into two sections-Part One- The Life & Times and Part Two- The Products. This is nearly everything that was in the Jäger/Apel family archives.

Available for $30.00 plus $9.00 shipping & Handling. This will not be offered in print as there is just too much material. Purchase by mailing a check to -Larry Schuknecht, 7750 Salt Rd., Clarence Center, NY 14032 or sending the payment using Paypal to my email address-shoptalk@dutchmanwoodworks.com with a follow up email.

Development of the American Double Gun

A Digest of the Inventors & Patents, Compiled by Larry B. Schuknecht

A CD in PDF format. This ebook for the first time ever in one place- contains the biographies of 320 Multi Barrel Long Gun Inventors who were issued U.S. Patents, a chronological list of 736 U.S. Multi Barrel Long Gun Patents, a chapter on the Development of the Multi Barrel Gun and a discussion of the German Inventors who were issued U.S. Patents.

Available for $30.00 plus $9.00 Shipping & Handling. Purchase by sending a check to Larry B. Schuknecht, 7750 Salt Rd., Clarence Center, NY 14032 or send the payment using Paypal to my email address- shoptalk@dutchmanwoodworks.com with a follow up email. It is also available on Ebay as item no. 124218758488

Reviews of the ebooks

The Jäger family

From Blacksmiths to World Recognized Master Gun Makers

A Collage of the history of the Creative Genius Brought to Life, in the miracle of a "CD" created by Larry B. Schuknecht

By John Neumann, Charter member and Past President of the German Gun Collectors Association

Our long time, active gunsmith, GGCA Librarian and GGCA charter member, Mr. Larry Schuknecht, has brought to all of us the long and sometimes tortuous past of the family most of us knew little about except for when Dietrich Apel would speak a few words about his storied family.

Larry's efforts were by no means simple, or easy. Larry painstakingly spoke with Dietrich's children, and many of the man's friends. Further, he found bibliographies of various members of the "roots of the tree of life" of Dietrich Apel. Patents were found, copies made, Beautiful drawings of actions finally rose to the surface after hours of digging through thick files, binders of past events, and every so often some words from our founder, Mr. Dietrich Apel himself.

The CD exists because Larry never gave up even when he was facing a stone wall with seemingly no pathway forward. But small notes, letters, the writings of famous earlier family members gradually gave up the links, and the events in the family's just-past history, culminated in sometimes an explosion of life-changing actions and events that would alter the course of the pathway forward for this famous gun making family. For many members of this tree of destiny, the greatest tragedies to occur our world's global history were to be their "future".

Larry's research lays out the amazing creative abilities of not one or two family members but the great number of people who were geniuses when it came to working with iron, steel, wood, and yes, ivory for front sights, with silver and gold where it's presence enhanced beauty, not just embellished it.

Occasionally, during our tours in Germany, Dietrich, would talk a bit about his grandfather's vertical block action that the firm Merkel continues to use to this day. This CD provides the opportunity to see the action, and read as to how it evolved, and became the backbone of Merkel.

In 1632, one of the earliest mentions of the family "Kersten" appears. Herr Kersten, was a blacksmith, and served the Swedish Emperor Gustavus Adolphus, as a military blacksmith in the "Thirty Years War". Generations of the Kerstens were known not only for their blacksmithing expertise, but their ability to forge gun and musket barrels.

You will trek through 250 years, arriving at Johann Heinrich Kersten, the father of Gustavus Kersten, and the grandfather of Franz Jäger-the grandfather of our Dietrich Apel.

You will read how World War I affected the Jägers and the Kersten's. What effects the Great Depression, and global turmoil bestowed upon the globe and this small family when Adolf Hitler rose to power, destroyed much of Europe, and collapsed all of Germany into a pile of broken burning rubble.

But the main event of the CD is the wonderous collection of stories of the lives of those who set the stage for Dietrich to one day try to save his uncle Paul's gun shop here in America, build his own business, intermixed with working for Bill Ruger, and developing many patents of significance in the history of modern gun making.

You will read how Dietrich, and his wife, moved from Pennsylvania, to Tennessee, back to New Hampshire, and literally built their home and a gun making shop that evolved into the world renowned New England Custom Gun. Finally hear the whole story of the famous "Lion Rifle" that set a record for the auction price of a firearm in the safari Club!

For all of us who knew Dietrich Apel, and had, at some time or another, the opportunity to physically handle or own some firearm that had been created by his grandfather, or his uncle, or even Dietrich himself, you now have the chance to learn "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey used to announce.

If you want glitz and glamour, filled with copious color images of ultra-magnificent firearms, then this is not for you. But if you want to know the real history of a man and his ancestry, then this lovingly assembled story, by Larry Schuknecht-of the lives of the Kersten's, the Jägers, and Dietrich Apel, this is one CD that you must own for yourself, study, and study again. Each reading brings more history and understanding of this famous family.

Thank you, Larry, for creating this seminal work about a family that changed the art of gun making. Look elsewhere in this page for how to purchase this highly documented presentation of our founder's family history, and the story of many important inventions in gun making.

Yours in Good Hunting, John Neumann

Development of the American Double Gun: A Digest of the Inventors & Patents

Compiled by Larry B. Schuknecht

Larry Schuknecht has created an invaluable resource not only for gunsmiths, restoration experts, machinists, stockmakers, firearm historians, curators, and collectors of vintage double guns (including double rifles and drillings) but for anyone seeking a broader understanding of the development and evolution of the American double gun.

There's nothing fancy or ornate about this ebook; instead, Schuknecht allows the painstaking result of his research to speak for itself. His book contains detailed biographies (and often accompanying portraits) of more than 320 double gun inventors and gun makers, a chronological list of 736 double gun patents, and, as a bonus, a chapter devoted to U. S. patents issued to German gun makers.

But the real value Schuknecht's work lies in the technical data and accompanying graphics he has amassed: detailed schematics, exploded diagrams, parts lists, and cutaway diagrams that illustrate the internal workings of each maker's product. This is an invaluable resource for anyone working on (or in) one of these firearms.

This ebook consists of a CD containing 25 separate chapters comprising more than 400 pages, each in a high-resolution PDF file. The entire ebook can be downloaded easily onto a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Then, using the enlargement feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader or any web browser, the schematics and other graphics can be enlarged to reveal details that would be invisible in a traditional paper copy. As a test, I enlarged some of the schematics to 400% , and the resolution and contrast remained strong and crisp. This enlargement capability will be invaluable to any double gun "smith seeking an authoritative source on how a particular gun was designed and built.

Steve McCabe, MFA

Wordwright Editorial Services Inc.

Also in the works- a CD containing the photographic collections of many Western New York families spanning the years circa 1850 to 1950 including the people posing for formal portraits and at work, their homesteads, Schools, Churches, Landmarks and much more with scans of many one of a kind documents, The story of the Schuknecht family of Fillmore, N.Y. and The 1873 Diary of Philander Croop of Clarence, N.Y.

Over the many years working on fine guns, I have taken the opportunity to photograph the many examples of fine engraving found on both the German, English and American Guns. These images may in the future become a series of ebooks showing the wide range of engraving styles and subjects in high resolution close ups.