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Starting with an old receiver with all of it's parts, I can restore a Long Gun to it's original configuration or to a state that shows use and wear but was well maintained.

A high grade 1876 Winchester in 50-95 Express restocked and rebuilt to the original configuration as stated on it's factory letter.

Stock Work and Checkering-

We can restock your gun to your dimensions and with the grade of wood you desire. For a gun that is to be used a lot, I have kiln Dried English Walnut that is a plainer grade but very strong, or for a higher grade gun we can purchase that stock blank on the open market. Your stock can be checkered with the traditional Diamond pattern, Fish Scale, or European flat top style.

A sample of fish scale checkering with a carved scroll border
A sample of traditional full diamond checkering
A Lefever Arms Co. DS grade double customized with engraving, gold plated triggers and safety and restocked with a stunning piece of Juglans Regia
A butt treatment of Horn Heel and Toe Plates with checkering
A horn pistol grip cap custom made and in the process of being fitted to a rough shaped stock

The stock inletting is done by a combination of machining for roughing out and handwork for the final full contact fitting of metal to wood.


What was a plain DS grade Lefever I engraved similar to an E grade

Often guns that were originally engraved show some degree of damage and often would benefit from some re-cutting of the designs or screw heads. I can refresh worn engraving or re build damaged screw heads and slots.

Replacement Parts-

Replacement main springs and keepers on the right and originals on the left for a Ithaca Crass shotgun.

Damaged or missing parts are often found to be the case with heavily used long guns and replacements are sometimes unavailable for purchase. In most cases I can reproduce those parts to make a gun complete and functional.

Custom Design Work-

Sometimes a customer has a favorite gun which they would like customized to their specific wants. I can work with a customer to achieve those goals for a one of a kind custom gun.

German Scope Mounts-

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Often people acquire an old European gun with Claw Mount bases on the barrel rib but the scope with it's rings are missing. Most of the time those claw mount scope rings are not interchangeable from one set of bases to another. If you have a gun with claw mount bases ( or other obsolete mount systems) that you wish to use with a scope, I can buy scope ring blanks and machine the lower half of them to fit your bases.